How should I Prepare My Child For Kindergarten

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Kindergarten readiness is when a child is mentally ready, and as a parent, you can help boost him to be more prepared for kindergarten. By exploring your child’s daily activities more in depth, you can get your child mentally and physically ready, and this significant step in life can go smoothly.

Helpful steps that you can do is to help your child practice new routines, introduce your child to the teachers and space. These things can all help to ensure that everything will go smoothly on their first day of kindergarten.

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Ways On How To Prepare My Child For Kindergarten

1. Talk about their new routines

A few weeks before school starts, you can begin changing routines like bedtime. Predictable routines are important in early childhood. It is essential to start early and make changes gradually. Ask your child what they are looking forward to at school and if they have any concerns. If they do, ease their worries by coming up with solutions and acknowledge their feelings.

2. Explore your child’s independence

Whether she will be going to a full day or a half-day kindergarten, your child will be expected to make decisions and complete tasks without your guidance. Most of the time, children will find it daunting even if she is the most independent child. You can help her ease this transition by beginning to step back a little and let your child take on a little more responsibility.

3. Encourage independence and self-care

In kindergarten, teachers will often give directions to students to complete their tasks. By encouraging your children to be independent and to learn how to care for themselves, manage their own things and help master their ability to handle multiple tasks at once.

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4. Let them learn

Some parents are too scared to let their child learn on how to hold sharp objects, like scissors. As scary as it may seem, your child really needs to learn how to use them. The same goes for stationeries like pens, pencils, crayons, and markers, preferably of a variety of different thicknesses. Children who are entering kindergarten need to have enough exposure to these tools to have already begun to hold them correctly.

5. Provide experiences away from you

Aside from kindergarten, enroll your child into any other extra activity, such as music classes, swimming classes, ballet classes or even reading at a local library.

Remind your child to have a great day at school. If all goes well, you will both have memories that you can cherish for years to come.

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