How to teach kids Singaporean respect through first rules of politeness

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Say hello, thank you, goodbye, this is the lesson 101 of politeness. How to teach a toddler these words of courtesy?

Politeness 101:

“Hello”, “Goodbye”

Since your child was born, you need to rock him with these codes of politeness. Every day, you tell him “hello” when he wakes up and “goodbye” when you sleep with him. By creating habits and rites of politeness, you help him appropriate these codes.

At about his 8 months, you can teach him to say goodbye with his hand when he leaves a room. Encourage him by congratulating. He will be proud!

How to react if he refuses to say “hello”?

Do not set face systematically, at the risk of crystallizing an opposition around this subject. Your toddler maybe emotional person or shy person. Explain to him that you go to say hello for him because it is essential to show a sign of gratitude to the person whom we address. He did not greet his grandmother, but insists on showing him his new toy by arriving? He has not seized the code yet, but it is on the right track. A young child can also say hello with a look or a smile.

“Thank you”, “Please”

Familiarize him(with these “magic” words from the first months. Does he succeed in seizing chocolate and gives it to you? Thank him by insisting on your gratitude. As soon as he will know how to speak, invert this little game by handing him an object so that he understands that it is his turn to thank you.

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In the beginning, it is thanks to the imitation and to the game that your child will tame these codes of politeness. Does he want to play the doctor? Here is a perfect opportunity to revise bases.

How teach the good manners to a child?

A child learns by imitation; it is important that his parent gives an example. As for the rest, the learning is not made all at once. It is thus necessary to be patient and persevering. Here are some suggestions to help you:

  • Determine the essential rules of politeness for the house and in public and apply them with constancy and coherence.
  • Remain patient. Repeat the instruction so often as necessary.
  • Congratulate your child when he shows politeness.
  • Explain to your child the reasons for a rule of politeness. He will remember it more easily if he knows why it exists.
  • If your child is impolite in public, do not make angry you. Ask him to apologize, and return on the subject with him later, in private. Explain to him again the rule and insist so that he has to behave with politeness the next time.
  • If he uses curse world, explain to him why these words are forbidden

Does your kid use curse words? Is he rude to his relatives?

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