Poop Explosions and How To Be Prepared

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One of the many fears parents have is poop explosions. The word “poop explosions” is a total nightmare, a real-life horror scene! Changing of diapers is one thing, but cleaning poop that escapes? Is another huge headache and mess altogether. Oh, that horror!

Why do poop explosions happen?

Poop explosions or diaper blowout usually happens because the poop is liquid and the diaper the baby is wearing cannot hold the poop any longer.

It is extremely common, particularly with younger babies. Poop explosions are also somewhat common in babies who wear disposable diapers because disposable diapers have no elastic to contain the poop in place.

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Tips To Prevent Poop Explosions and How To Be Prepared

I’ve talked to a mom, and one of her biggest fear is poo explosions. She told me that her baby can shoot poo 2 meters out of her butt with high velocity. When this happens, do not open your mouth in shock, and trust me, you don’t want any to get into your mouth.

You just have to be prepared and be ready to deal with it. Clothes can be burned. No one ever tells you this but babies, even the girls, can shoot you with pee vertically as well. No joke, her baby has done both pee and poo explosions. To say it was disgusting is an understatement. She and her husband had to steam clean their floors after.

1. Make sure that you change your baby’s diaper frequently. When the diaper is too full, poo will escape because there isn’t enough space to contain it in the diaper.

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2. If you are breastfeeding, be aware of your diet. A high fiber diet may be great for you, but your baby might not be able to accept high fiber dietary foods.

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3. Try wearing your baby in an enveloped style onesies. In case of a blowout, you don’t need to pull his shirt over his head or even getting that poop into his hair. Instead, you can pull these types of onesies downwards.

4. If you are using disposable diapers, try using various diaper brands to get the best fit for your baby.

Parents, don’t be in shock and be prepared if your baby has done it once. Make sure that you check on your baby frequently to prevent any blowouts.

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