Movie Time: 5 Singaporean films you can watch with your kids

Movie night

A long day at work? A tiring day? During the school holiday or the weekend, it is a great time to enjoy a beautiful family movie night. “Let’s watch Frozen again!” Without a doubt, Hollywood movies can provide great entertainment. Who never heard of Avengers or Star War? They are a must watch movies! However, it sometimes feels good to watch a film with our local flavor, and also listen to Singlish and Singaporean slang. We picked out 5 local movies that the whole family can enjoy! Prepare the popcorn: it is movie time!

Home Run

A young boy accidentally loses his sister’s school shoes. To avoid trouble at school and with their parents, they decide to share his shoes secretly. Homerun has a familiar, universal theme: poverty. However, the actual topic, if you concentrate on the movie alone, is family love as well as friendship. Tips: get the tissue, we cried buckets.

Already famous:

Since she is a kid, Ah Kiao watched soap operas and dreamt be a famous actress like the ones she admires. Despite her family’s disapproval, she travels to Singapore to pursue her dream. However, the meeting of a charming will upset her plans. Love story? Success story? You’ll know soon.

I Not Stupid

I Not Stupid is a 2002 comedy film about the lives of three Primary 6 boys placed in the lower academic stream. Society labels the three boys as worthless. Besides, the pressure of the community makes almost impossible all their attempts to improve. Don’t worry; it is a comedy.

Taxi! Taxi!

This is 2013 is a comedy film based on the 2010 work Diary Of A Taxi Driver by Cai Mingjie, said to be “Singapore’s most well-educated taxi-driver.” The film follows two taxi-drivers’ quest for self-discovery. The highly educated Ph.D. microbiologist Professor Chua See Kiat is struggling to find a new job and meanwhile become a taxi driver. Trying to hide it from his family while beginning new adventures in his taxi.

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The Wayang Kids

A Eurasian girl from China is enrolled in a Singapore primary school and is asked to perform a Chinese Opera, alongside a Chinese autistic boy. We witness the birth of a friendship that overcomes language and cultural barrier. This film will transmit to your children the values of tolerance and social acceptance.

Don’t see your favorite on this list? Tell us in the comments section!

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