Do you have a favorite child?

Favourite child

Equal love?

“Do I love all my child equally? Do I love them in the same way?” There are examples of some embarrassing questions that can disturb our lives.

According to a recent British survey, 62% of English parents admit to having a ‘favorite’ among their children. In Singapore, the subject remains sensitive, even taboo. Between the guilt of being a bad parent and social pressure, to assume his preference for one of his children is not an easy act. Especially in Asian families where boys used to be favored over girls because the males would carry the family name. Birth order is also one of the main factors for parents’ favoritism.

Psychologist explanations:

“The interaction between parenting style and child temperament can impact the family dynamic and create a sense that a parent ‘gets along’ better with one of their children.” Explained Dr. Sara Delia Menon, a clinical psychologist at Alliance Counselling. She pointed out “However, although parents can prefer or find it easier to spend time with one child compared to another, this rarely means that they have differing amounts of love for their children.”

Who is the favorite child?

If in the collective imagination, the youngest children would tend to be more cherished and protected than their elders, in reality, they are rarely the real favorites of the parents! Indeed, always according to the study, among siblings, those who feel more spoiled would be the elder sons. The parents would have, unconsciously, a tendency to put more hope in their first child.

Actually, the elder sons would have a much better opinion of them the same and the more important confidence in them than their younger children.

Dads, moms, should we speak about it? Do you have a special connection with one of your children? Have you already admitted in public?

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