Junk food during pregnancy? Are you crazy?

junk food pregnant

Craving for junk food? During pregnancy, all cravings are allowed. Really? Since you are pregnant, you ask yourself a lot of questions about your diet … This new question crosses your mind: pregnant, can I give myself a lunch break in a fast-food? Mamahood answers your questions on the junk food during pregnancy.

Why should I avoid junk food?

An Australian study, published in the FASEB Journal, believes that the consumption of junk food in late pregnancy would make babies addicted to fatty and sugary foods.
According to the experiment carried out on rats, the consumption of fat and sweet food at the end of pregnancy, of which the fetus feeds indirectly, would have an impact on the metabolism of the baby. Growing up, the child would be more attracted to unhealthy foods.

Besides, another Australian study experiments the relationship between healthy food and infertility. Indeed, women may be harming their chances of getting pregnant because they eat less fruit and more fast food.

Is fast food prohibited during pregnancy?

No, if it is possible to choose your ailments and that hygiene seems to you rigorous. If you decide to go to a fast food restaurant, go for a time considered a “high flow” period.  There will be less risk of a product staying on one side of the stove, posing a potential food poisoning hazard. Moreover, you must ban undercooked meats, raw milk cheeses, mayonnaise, ice creams to prevent food poisoning. Also, avoid soda which is too rich in sugar.

For scientists, the conclusion is simple. Pregnant women should be taught to eat well by providing targeted dietary advice, especially at the end of pregnancy. It can not be repeated enough: diet during pregnancy has repercussions on the health of the mother and baby in the long term. For her health and that of her children, it is better to opt for a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy. On top of healthy food, don’t forget to exercise!

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