Don’t burden our children with heavy book load!

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The heavy schoolbags issue

The well-known problem of the heavy schoolbags comes back at every start of the school year. The subject is to be taken very seriously. The weight of the schoolbag is one of the major contributors to back pain to children and adolescents.

“It is not uncommon for the schoolbag to approach 10 kilograms or more for children who, on average, weigh 35 kilograms.” says a student’s mother.

The danger of heavy loads

The doctors recommend that the bags don’t overcome 10% of the weight of the kid. So, for a child of a mass of 35 kilos, his bag should reach a maximum of 3.5 kilos.

Dr. Kevin Loughlin, a chiropractor, quoted “The human skeleton doesn’t really form completely until a person is between 19 and 22 years old, so you can actually create physically change in a person by overloading their spine and overloading their capacity to carry weights.”

Make sure your kid has a comfortable schoolbag that is the right size. He should also avoid carrying his backpack on one shoulder causing asymmetry in posture.

Is the digital tablet the solution?

The solution for the future is probably to digitize these manuals and make them available on another medium, such as a touchpad, which raises the question of the financing of the latter. Who should finance them? Should use be limited to the school perimeter? Tomorrow is not written, but will undoubtedly pass by this one real alternative to the paper book.

However, for some parents, their children are already spending too much time on their “gadget”.

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Do you think that the schools should provide textbook-in-tablets to the students? Is your child facing heavy bags issue? Any back pain? Any complaint? What is the solution?

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