Child’s social skills are more important than their academics

social skills

The importance of social skills

Some parents focus on the academic career of their kids since kindergarten, and they forget the significance of social skills. Tiger mom, did you say?

“Does Megan know how to count to 100?”

“Can Shayana speak fluently English?”

“ Ìs Keeran doing well at school?”

Nevertheless, according to a recent study “social skills are far more predictive of outcomes into adulthood than early academics.” Does it surprise you?

To learn to live in a group, to get in touch with the others and to work together is as important as the development of the academic skills.

When he makes friends, and when he plays with them, your child develops the interest for team activities. Later, it will give him the taste to go to school. That is why the social skills are important to succeed at school.

Social skills also include autonomy, expression of feelings, and relationships with others. At school, this means in particular:

  • Know how to express your needs and emotions with words;
  • Knowing how to wait your turn to talk or play, to get in touch with another child to do an activity, to take into account the other needs, to know how to share;
  • Being able to get dressed, brush your teeth, choose an activity or go to the bathroom alone.

How to get him ready:

As a parent, you can help by emphasizing the importance of social skills and facilitating interactions with others. The desire to learn develops primarily into the family.

At home, promote mutual help between your children. For example, ask them to put the table together. If you have only one child, this learning can be done with friends in the park. You can then ask him to clean up the toys together before leaving.

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Ask him with whom he played during the day and discuss with him qualities whom he appreciates at these friends.

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