How Do I Adopt A Child In Singapore?

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Ready to adopt a child? Congratulations on your decision! Before you proceed further, here are some things and steps you need to know that is required by the adoption law in Singapore.Being able to be a parent with their own bloodline is a gift, but not everyone is blessed with this gift. Children are also a blessing for every parent, but sadly not all are welcomed with open arms.

To adopt a child in Singapore, parents must be meet the requirements required by the Singaporean adoption law.

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What is Adoption?

Adoption is a process where parents over a child are granted to the applicants. Once the process is complete, the adopters become the parents and take on all parental duties and rights.

Who can I Adopt?

  • Children who are under the age of
  • Not married
  • Foreign children, (but under different laws, depending on their nationality)
  • A male cannot adopt a female child unless there are special circumstances
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The requirements by the Singapore Adoption of Children Act (ACA)

  • You need to be above the age of 25 to be able to adopt a child
  • You need to be at least 21 years older than the child (if the child is related by blood then there may be an exception)
  • The adopter must not be 50 years older than the child
  • Get approval by your spouse if you are married

However, the adoption of a child by a homosexual couple is not permitted under the ACA.

Other requirements

  • Consent: Consent must be given by every person before an adoption order can be made.
  • The welfare of the child: Before making an adoption order, the court must be satisfied that the order has been made. Wishes of a child can be taken into consideration as well, depending on their age or his or her level of understanding.
  • Exchange of money: The applicant must not receive or agree to receive payment or award for adopting the child.
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How long does the process take?

According to the Ministry for Social and Family Development (MSF), the process takes between 5 to 7 months from application to the approval made from the court.

This may take a longer time if you’re adopting a foreign child as it involves a home study report and application for a Dependent’s Pass.

Adoption fees?

As mentioned above, it’s illegal to pay the birth parents for giving up their child for adoption. If a couple goes through an agent to adopt a child, they can incur fees of between $25,000 to $35,000.

Now that you know the requirements made by the Singaporean adoption law, you can now proceed to your next big step on adopting a child! Good luck on this beautiful journey you’re going to make parents!

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